Takahashi's Story

     "Iro" refers to "Color" in  Japanese. However, interestingly, "Iroiro" doesn't refer to  " Many Colors", but to "Variety". A lot of colors give us different feelings and connect with different senses. His artworks have great variety in use such as practical tableware and ornamental glass art. His artwork is an glasswork made from "one" material, but it touches your various senses and stirs your different emotions via its "variety of functions". That is precisely like "Ironize" becomes "Iroiro".

      His works have charming softness which gives you  enjoyment of  appreciating by eyes and touching by hands. He cherishes softness of molten glass, and at the same time, tries to keep glass's shape. He gently inflates  molten glass to make the most of  glittering, beauty, and smoothness in glass. He creates pieces to share his values to others. He wishes that you enjoy the colors, materials, and your life through his works.



Yoshihiko Takahashi

Area:Tokyo Prefecture JPN

Study:Depertment of Product Design,

     Tama Art Universityra