Ono's Story

     In the word of my master, the potter's wheel records potter's emotions such as excitement, awakening, and release.

     The discomfort I've felt toward adults and the world since I was a teenager

 and the control and pressure I couldn't see the reasons for; my mental and physical reactions to these things that moved me to create. I wanted to be freed from not being free. I just believe that if I can have experiences through art that free me from that discomfort, then I can free myself. Art is what saved me. Tranquility for myself, and that tranquility given to others.

      The power of art is not only resistance to control, pressure, and the world,  but also the release of emotions that brings freedom.



Teppei Ono

Area:Ehime Prefecture JPN

Study: Apprenticed to Bizen Potter 

               Apprenticed to Chibana Potter 

      Apprenticed to Tokoname Potter