Tsubota's Story

     On the theme of the ability to interact with the underlying commodities in human beings and to evoke them, Masayuki Tsubota has created a number of sculptural works that combine the refined sense of modernism and the warmth of handwork.

   A series of expressing the "wind" with the texture of the surface, and a series that combines"color", "shape" and "shade" uniquely to make "vibration" perceptible by the high technology of cutting out and polishing.

   His works have a reputation for being flexible, taking advantage of characteristics of materials such as wood, stone, and glass, while always having the formality of newness and universal beauty. They are installed in over 80 public spaces in Japan. In addition to sculptural work that form the core of the interaction between people and nature, he also produces a space for a globally open society. 

    All of his artworks deeply touch touch our five sense, make them vibrate, and bring us past memories, unknown inspirations, present feelings, and feature dreams beyond time and space.

Masayuki Tsubota

Area:Osaka Prefecture JPN


Intercontinental Hotel Osaka collaboration with Bilkey Linas Design office, 2013

Gio Mansion / Entrance  (Shinjuku, Tokyo) 2018

Gio Mansion / Entrance  (Shinjuku, Tokyo) 2018

Gio Mansion / Entrance  (Shinjuku, Tokyo) 2018

Nanggang Station  (Taipei, Taiwan) 2015

Park Building Hous  (Ootemachi, Tokyo) 2017

Opus Mansion /Entrance (Minamiasabu, Tokyo)

Collaboration with Eric Parry Studio 2016

Private House, Stairs  (Toyonaka, Osaka) 2018

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