Kusada's Story

     You think you see it all, but you only see a part of all.

      You also think you know it all. but you only know a part of all.

      The glass evokes your pure and clear sense.

      That lets you know you make things complicated,

      but important things are quite simple than you thought.

      They flexibly connect with you and the world.


      Pin Blowing is one of the unique glassblowing technique that involves inflating molten glass by water vapor or blowing through a punctured hole. Kusada uses this Pin Blowing technique. He cover a punctured hole with water-soaked newspaper to inflate molten glass by water vapor. After this process, he form the shape by gravity and centrifugal force. He mention " The more intention I could lose, the more pleasure of glass my works could have."

Masaki Kusada_edited.jpg

Masaki Kusada

Area:Gifu Prefecture JPN

Study:Depertment of Civil Engineering,

     Nagoya Universityra