Nakamura's Story

     At the deep and high in the mountain, his hidden papermaking workshop is located in Haigyu, Tokushima prefecture. There were a lot of crafters of Haigyu Washi , which is made from fibers of the Kozo Trees, in his area before.  However, he is the only man making Haigyu Washi in Japan today. 

     He & his wife run the entire production from planting trees to actual paper-making. Each paper is made by hands in careful and diligent way. The aesthetics & powerful presence of the natural materials are visible through his masterful technique and artwork. He said "I've never designed patterns of Haigyu Washi. To craft Washi is to preserve the movement and flowing of water. So, water tells it to me."

   As an artisan, he focuses on preserving his traditional technique and making an impassioned appeal to the world to realize how irreplaceable and beautiful Haigyu Washi is via his artworks. His functional artworks contain his wish for that you could feel easily close to the history, art value, and practicability of Haigyu Washi in your modern everyday life. 


ISAO Nakamura

Area:Tokushima Prefecture JPN



Eightfold Coffee  collaboration with OWIU Design office, 2019